Simultaneous measuring emission spectrometer with 34 channels

Analytical investigation

Upon investigating steel and iron, the different components are determined. According to the different components and their technical usage, the steel is divided in different groups, so that we can determine the type of steel after the analysis.

The analysis can help to understand how the material should be handled, for example with heat treatment, or to determine in what field it can be used or what kind of steel it is. An analysis however can not specify, if property classes or any other mechanical property are fulfilled. This can only be determined by impact and tensile tests complying to the standards.

Werkstoffprüfung Kunze GmbH determines at the moment 34 elements incl. Nitrogen on a optical and simultaneous measuring emission spectrometer in the material testing fields of:

  • Unalloy- and low alloy steels
  • High grade alloy steels
  • High speed- and toolsteels
  • Machining steels
  • White restart cast iron
  • Coppder and copper alloy
  • Aluminium and aluminium alloy
  • Nickel-base alloy steels