Hardness tester for HB, HV and HCR up to 250 Kg

Machines for hardness testing

Hardness tester Wolpert
EMCO-Test M4

Two electronically controlled universal hardness testers are available for the test methods HV, HBW and HR with 47 different strain test levels in the range from 50g up to 250 kg (4,9N – 2452,5N) and five different analyzing levels.
The analysis of the test methods occurs computer assisted.

Definition hardness: hardness is the resistance, which a material opposes during ingression of a specimen.

The Jominy test, also called Hardenability test by end quenching, is used to check the hardening depth of heat treatable high-grade steels. To insure the quality of the production of hardening depth curves we use the most modern annealing and thermal shock methods.