CNC-turning centers

Mechanical processing

CNC-controlled turning centers and two CNC-processing centers are in use for fully automated production of tensile and impact test samples.

Furthermore hired labor is carried out on the CNC-controlled turning centers and the CNC-processing centers in order to adapt screws or turning parts.

Area of operation:

  • Production of small tensile test samples and cast tensile samples
  • Preparation of single impact test samples with a total length of minimum 55mm
  • Production of standard and special tensile samples of 145mm length
  • Preparation of impact test samples sets of 165mm length
  • Editing of materials with special properties
  • Turning of samples based client drafts
  • Production of testing equipment

The previously on required length sawn impact test samples get turned on the CNC-turners on 15mm aperture, before the final, fully automated square editing takes place in the CNC-processing center.