Werkstoffprüfung Kunze GmbH
Material testing & acceptance steel – iron – non-ferrous metals

Lange Eck 5
58099 Hagen
Phone: 02331 – 71 298
Fax: 02331 – 76 827

Managing director:
Rolf-Jürgen Kunze
Expert steel, iron and weld consultant and surveyor
Specialist welding engineer

Postgiroamt Dortmund
Kt.-Nr.: 394655 – 460
BLZ: 440 100 46
IBAN: DE15 4401 0046 0394 6554 60

Dresdner Bank Hagen
Kt.-Nr.: 989471800
BLZ: 450 800 60
Swift-BIC: DRES DE FF 450
IBAN: DE81 4508 0060 0989 4718 00

Sparkasse Hagen
Kt.-Nr.: 122008995
BLZ: 450 500 01

Tax Id. No. DE 162252321

District Court: Commercial Register 3001

Fulfillment and jurisdiction is Hagen

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