As for the future we plan extension of our accreditation up to ISO/IEX 17020 (Conformity assessment – Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection).



To the present, various companies set in the screw industry, screw trade, founding, off-shore-technique, automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, system engineering, shipbuilding, railway engineering, forge technique etc. belong to the many clients of Werkstoffprüfung Kunze GmbH.

The clients are mostly located in immediate industry fields. But yet, well-known companies from all over Germany and Europa are clients of Werkstoffprüfung Kunze GmbH.


In 2014 extensive modernizations were established to hold up to the high standards of modern testing equipment. New machines that Werkstoffprüfung Kunze purchased in that year were for example: a 250kN tension machine, saws with hydraulic clamping, a laser microscope and a water jet cutter.


Viktoria Kunze finished her studies of Mechanical Engineering in 2012 as the Technical University in Aachen and is currently gaining experiences in various sectors of engineering before she will be C.E.O. of Werkstoffprüfung Kunze together with her father.

To live up to the high demands of our customers Werkstoffprüfung Kunze installed a sample collecting service, which picks up the samples and transports the remaining pieces back to the customer.


End of 2012 Dipl.-Ing. Rolf-Jürgen Kunze resigned from his duty as a technical expert of SIHK Hagen and abdicates re-establishment by choice.

2009 – 2012

In this period further arrangements due to modernization for constant improvement in service have been accomplished. This led to the purchase of a new scanning electron microscope and a new CNC-machine.


In 2009 we were able to review 60 years of our company history and in the same time call a new company building our own. What started over 60 years ago as a one person business is today a company with more than 14 employees and 3 apprentices and is based on its computer-controlled manufacture- and test machine technology one of the most modern testing laboratories in Germany, if not Europe.


In January 2008 began the construction of the new company building, which was completed and moved in by September.


Due to further arrangements for modernization in the field of sample preparation and further purchase of new testing machines, the room in the Delsterner street was to small and therefore the planning for enlargement began. After suffering various setbacks by different public administrations we decided us for a new building. With great support and personal commitment of Hagen’s mayor Peter Demnitz a convenient property could be found, which the new location is now.


During further alignment and by the acceptance of American administrations in the European accreditation, the international accreditation EN ISO IEC 17025 was successfully finished in 2002.


Since 2000 Werkstoffprüfung Kunze GmbH is an official company with apprentices in the field of material testing and metal technique, with currently four apprentices. Two of them will finish their apprenticeship this year.


On 03.18.1999 the successful accreditation

EN 45001,
ISO-Guide 25,
DIN ISO 9001
FQA-regulations-US-American-certification (FQA = Fasteners Quality Act)

was completed due to the European assembly and alignment. Since 05.21.1999 Werkstoffprüfung Kunze GmbH is an official accreditation testing laboratory. The official certification was handed of during the 50-year anniversary. The company Werkstoffprüfung Kunze GmbH therefore belonged to one of the first certificated companies with FQA-regulations in whole Germany.


In 1997 Dipl.-Ing. Rolf-Jürgen Kunze also became publicly appointed and sworn technical expert for the southern westphalian chamber of industry and commerce for steel, iron and welded connections.


Due to constant improvement the company continued to modernized, which led to shortage of workspace. Therefore a boarding property of the company Randack was leased, on which the first factory work room with approximately 350 m² was established. Concurrently the testing machinery was enlarged.


In the year 1986 the founder of the company dropped out, his son Rolf Jürgen became his successor and took over the management in second generation. But he obtained the company advisory. The founder of the company died in 2003 at the age of 80 years.


In his second year of employment he qualified as a welding engineer at the SLV Duisburg parallel to his company activity.


In November 1983 Dipl.-Ing. R.-J. Kunze joined the company after passing examination in the field of study of ferrous metallurgy.


In the year 1978 he rented property of the company Randack to enlarge the laboratory in order to handle the growing order inflow.


After the company Funcke+Hueck closed, the arrangement and operation of a fully equipped mini-laboratory occurred on the owned property.


Due to his apprenticeship as ferrous metallurgy and material engineer, as well as his experience, he became publicly appointed and sworn expert of SIHK Hagen in 1953. He carried out this function for 37 years in many pleas and surveyor’s reports.


Today’s company Werkstoffprüfung KUNZE GmbH was founded in 03.14.1949 by engineer Rolf K.-H. Kunze.
On this day he started his work at Hagen’s screw factory and drop forging company Funcke+Hueck, where he additionally functioned as an advising engineer in the field of material testing and as head of heat treatment and was in charge of his first clients.